Clever spaces, transforming lives 

About us

Ann Taylor and Mark Smith started CleverBuild LLC in 2015 after many years of corporate experience planning, developing, designing, constructing, and marketing the built environment.  This is our effort to improve the lives of others, especially those in great need.  Our focus is to inspire comprehensive, thoughtful solutions which put long term success first.  We don't compete with traditional developers, design firms, or construction contractors.     

We have also established another firm called Truly Home, which is a non-profit focusing on the affordable housing market.  See for more information.


Bachelor's degree

in architecture.

Master's degree in



LEED accredited


Licensed architect and AIA member. Experience in delivering projects from the very tiny up to $1 billion in value. 

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Graduate of Rice

University.  Founded

an award-winning


and public relations

firm, with developers

and design firms as

clients.  Past Executive Director of the Urban Land Institute,  dedicated to the responsible use of land.


We provide great spaces for people.  We do this by listening carefully and by considering the needs of individuals, society, and the planet.