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Construction is complete at 3105 Lelia St in Houston for a prototype housing project which we describe as "affordable and better than tiny".   This first project is a single 765 SF prototype home, which is the front home of the two rendered at left.   It is close to Metro bus stops and downtown Houston, ideally located for low income individuals or couples without a vehicle.  We own several larger lots nearby which will each hold two homes as shown here.  They should rent for about $900, and will have very affordable utility bills.  Where we have adjacent lots, we will apply several co-housing features such as common gardening, picnic, and grilling areas to encourage interaction. 

Affordable Living

Related to one of Mark's  favorite pastimes:  Conceptual designs for yoga studios in Denver and Steamboat!  

​Photos by CleverBuild LLC

Everything on this website is a product of, or photo by, CleverBuild LLC.   

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CleverBuild's prototype tiny home was designed and built by Mark in Wimberley, TX.   At 407 SF it is larger than many of the wheeled tiny homes, and it sits very permanently on a concrete slab.  The vaulted ceilings and open loft make it feel very spacious.  It is available for tours and even test-living for a few days if you need to get a feel for how small YOUR tiny home should be.

​​Tiny Living 

Great  Causes 

An exciting project to bring a science ​​lab to middle school children.

Plan by CleverBuild LLC

The photo here shows the completed prototype home, occupied with renters starting April 2017.  Notice that this house is pretty much a reverse image of the front house pictured above. The little house is attracting a LOT of attention throughout the neighborhood (and some beyond), so far all of it good!   The next steps will be to build many more, this time through our new non-profit called Truly Home!  See for more information.

Rendering and  photo by CleverBuild LLC

​​Tiny homes demand clever use of space.  Our prototype achieves this in the kitchen with custom cabinet details to squeeze full cooking functionality into about 35 SF!

Photos by CleverBuild LLC

 Clever spaces, transforming lives